This page lists important events that occur as the series progresses. Made to give specific dates to the story, as well as help the reader get a quick recap as to what has happened. OBVIOUS SPOILERS, so make sure you only read if you’re caught up.

(Updated as of Chapter 1.11)

Book 1 (Genesis):

June 28, 2012

  • Adam has dinner with Brandon, Jerry, Faith, Emma, and Pamela at the Roswell house.
  • Pamela gives the envelope with unknown contents to Adam.
  • Adam sees a mysterious girl in Ann’s, triggering the World Mirror to activate.
  • Charlotte sees the World Mirror and kidnaps Adam, revealing her true identity.
  • Charlotte pushes Adam to activate the full power of the World Mirror, having him become aware of its existence.

June 29, 2012

  • Adam wakes up in his bed, with Charlotte by his side. Throughout the day he learns more about her, including her lost memories.
  • Adam and Charlotte visit Jerry, who learns about the two and their current predicament. He also teaches Charlotte some basic Phantonics information.
  • Adam declares Charlotte a friend.
  • Adam decides to run around the woods near his house to test out what the World Mirror can do. He learns some details regarding it’s regenerative capabilities and the boost he gets in his physical prowess.
  • Adam confronts Derek Sommers and Christopher Serpenti, who seem interested in some sort of seal that Adam’s power seems to be affecting.
  • Adam fights Derek. This is Adam’s first fight ever, and the first major fight of the series.
  • Brandon unlocks his Ability (currently not named in story) in his attempt to save Adam.
  • Charlotte rescues Adam and Brandon, knocking out Derek and Chris in the process.
  • A shadowy figure rescues Derek and Chris before they could be found.
  • Surveying the woods with her mother, Faith confronts a mysterious masked figure, who she believes saved her from a fire when she was younger. The figure disappears before she can learn anything, however.

June 30, 2012

  • Adam becomes sick due to the over-usage of the World Mirror. Brandon goes to get him some medicine.
  • Emma waits in the doctor’s office with Roger, who each have separate appointments.
  • Emma gets a checkup for her back, and it is revealed how she was injured when she was younger. Details about how she ended up with an artificial spine and the nickname “The Miracle Girl”.
  • Brandon overhears this information on the other side of the door, learning about it for the first time.
  • Faith finds out Adam is sick, going over to his house. This ends up becoming a sleepover involving Brandon, Jerry, Faith, Emma, Winona, and Charlotte as Adam rested.
  • Faith finds the bloody envelope and broken phone hidden underneath Adam’s bed, making her question what has been happening,
  • Faith has a breakthrough in the shower, being able to form a flame without anxiety for the first time.

July 1, 2012

  • The night of July 1st shall never be discussed. -Brandon

July 3, 2012

  • Adam is able to recover from his sickness. Charlotte discusses a training plan involving Brandon and himself, which begins.
  • Cynthia returns home to see her family. After greeting Winona in their garden, she and her sister fight, emotions seemingly flying all over the place. The two reconcile, and Winona wonders what her sister’s been dealing with in Unity.

July 18, 2012

  • Faith talks with her mother about the masked figure in the woods. It is learned that it may be connected to “Rewrite Phenomenon”, a supposed Ability that fixes anything damaged.
  • It is learned that the garden Winona and Cynthia destroyed a few weeks prior in their fight was affected by this Rewrite Phenomenon.
  • Faith reveals she can now make her flame larger.
  • Adam seems to be understanding the World Mirror better, creating an image in his head that aids in him keeping the Ability calm.
  • Family information is revealed regarding Adam, Brandon, and Jerry’s families.
  • Adam receives a letter from his father saying that the house was now his, along with his mother’s money. This angers Adam due to believing his father is simply abandoning everything, causing him to destroy his bedroom door.
  • Adam goes for a walk to clear his head and encounters Faith, where he learns that she’s made progress in dealing with her Ability. He opens up to her about the letter from his dad, and she helps him feel better.
  • Derek and Chris are at some mysterious hideout in the middle of a forest. They reveal that a plan to locate the seal is about to be put into action.

July 20, 2012

  • Charlotte is invited to a girls’ night with Faith, Emma, and Winona. She accepts, and vents her hesitation after the fact with Adam.
  • Alexander Strauss is introduced, as he seems to open up some portal in a currently unknown location.
  • Adam has a strange dream involving him with a different appearance, a lavender field, and a silhouette of a young child. He seems to be “pulled” out of the dream before he could learn more.
  • Adam’s right eye is temporarily blinded when he awakens. He notices a shadow outside his room, which he gives chase to. He goes outside, finding a horrific scene. Something grabs him with a rope from above.


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