Hello there!  Online I’m known as Kyologist, my real name is Kyle Ketcham (yes, I’m being serious), but you can just call me Kyle.  If you’re here, then I assume you’ve heard about my story, Phantonics, and wanted to check it out?  Or you just happened to stumble upon this place somehow? Either way, welcome!


Phantonics is set on the fictional island of Requiem, where these tiny particles known as phantons are floating around which makeup the soul of each and every person.  Sometimes these phantons can react to varying events and grant a person unique powers, referred to as Abilities.

Adam Grayson, the protagonist, awakens one of these Abilities one night after meeting Charlotte Ouderkirk, a spirit of the royal family of Requiem.  She refers to this Ability Adam has as the “World Mirror”, which seems to play a key role in protecting Requiem from an impending disaster.

Charlotte has issues with her memory, and Adam believes that someone or something has messed with it to prevent her from helping Adam figure out how to use his newfound power.

As Adam begins to move on the board, he’ll come in contact with many other players, seeking knowledge and power much like himself. Those interactions will forever shape the world of Phantonics, and the people within it…

Head right on to the first chapter if you’d like!


Phantonics is a story I’ve been trying to write since 2010, going through many different changes as I age and learn more about the world.  Those past forms… are awful.  I may post snippets of them at some point for the fun of it, but I officially want to post the current version here on this site.

My goal here is to grow as a writer and bring this story that has meant so much to me out into the world.  Feel free to share any comments or concerns you may have about the series!

Phantonics is the study of the phanton, by the way.

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